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Wine Offerings

White Wines

2014 Chardonnay

Barrel fermented with 13% New French Oak, 13% two-year-old oak, and 13% one-year-old oak then aged on its fermentation lees (yeast). This lightly oaked Chardonnay completed partial malolactic fermentation, which produces a creamy finish.

2015 Chardonnay

This lightly oaked chardonnay has undergone partial malolactic fermentation to give it a balance of crisp acidity and a fuller body. Expect lemons and pears on the nose and brioche, toast, apples, and pears on the palate. A dry wine that pairs nicely with roasted chicken, grilled pork, and creamy pasta.


Our semi-sweet Vidal Blanc has ~2% residual sugar which gives it just enough sweetness to make it a refreshing summer sipper. Enjoy this on its own or pair it with spicy foods. Clean finish. This sweet wine was named for the owners' sweet dog Oscar, who is featured on the label!

Red Wines

2017 Run for the Rosé

This medium-bodied wine is made from cabernet sauvignon grapes. You will encounter roses on the nose and honeydew melons on the palate. A dry rosé, this pairs well with goat cheese and summer salads.

2016 Seyval Blanc

A French-style Seyval aged in Kentucky Oak for 9 months, partial malolactic fermentation. Very similar to a Chardonnay with a long lingering oak finish. Perfect for sipping on its own!

 2017 Seyval Blanc

These estate-grown grapes were aged in stainless steel, resulting in a bright, clean white featuring well-balanced acidity and minerality. This vintage pairs nicely with rich seafood dishes and spicy cuisine.

 2017 Petit Manseng

Our "sunshine in a bottle" is rich and balanced, well-rounded white. Pineapple and other tropical fruits shine through with nice acidity to balance the 0.5% residual sugar. Perfect for being poolside on a steamy summer day!

2016 Run for the Rosé

This medium-bodied dry rosé has mouthwatering acidity and delicate flavors of fresh fruit, dominated by strawberry and raspberry aromas. Pairs well with salmon, chicken, light salads or goat cheese.

2014 Charnonnay

Barrel fermented with 13% New French Oak, 13% two-year-old oak, and 13% one-year-old oak then aged on its fermentation lees (yeast). This lightly oaked Chardonnay completed partial malolactic fermentation, which produces a creamy finish.

2016 Petit Manseng

With aromas and flavors of honey, pineapple, and citrus, this wine is full bodied and crisp with a hint of sweetness (0.5%) and a long finish. The concentrated flavors will hold up well to spicy food such as spiced shrimp, curries, Asian and Mexican foods.

2015 Chambourcin

Estate-grown and aged in American oak, this vintage is complex and fruit-forward with leather notes and an oaky, acidic finish. This is a great wine to pair with BBQ as the smokiness of the food blends with the oakiness of the wine; try it with grilled meats and veggies!

2015 Malbec

Lighter red and fruit-forward, this is another good middle ground for red and white drinkers. A juicy, jammy delight with soft tannins.

2013 Merlot

A classic merlot. It was lightly oaked and shows cherry notes with butteriness from undergoing malolactic fermentation. This is a great food wine as it pairs beautifully with red sauce pasta, red meats, short ribs, and beef stew. It is also excellent with a rich chocolate mousse.

2014 Merlot

A signature merlot with classic black cherry notes, this wine was aged 11 months in 3 vintages of oak and has completed malolactic fermentation to produce a creamy, buttery finish. Soft tannins & subtle oakiness.

2015 Merlot

A classic merlot that has been blended with Petit Verdot (75% Merlot/25% Petit Verdot) to give a fuller body and more structure. Flavors of tobacco, dark cherries, and red currants.

2017 Picasso

A balanced blend of estate-grown Chambourcin and Petit Verdot. This rich & complex wine was aged 24 months in new American oak.

2015 Petit Verdot

 Intense & bold dry red. Aged 16 months in 25% new French oak. You'll experience violets, plums, and baking spices on the nose. Fruit forward and full-bodied, this wine features tannins that stand up well to meats like lamb, juicy burgers, or steaks. Its earthy elements also pair well with vegetarian selections such as mushrooms, black beans, and lentils.

Historical Series

Featuring artwork of local historic significance by John Paul Strain,
these bottles have a hand-dipped wax seal and are beautiful display pieces.

Apples for Ashby

2017 Chambourcin. Aged 24 months in American Oak. Heavy, well-balanced red that pairs well with hearty foods such as casseroles and red-sauce pasta.

Saving the Edinburg Mill

2017 Seyval Blanc. Aged in stainless steel to give a bright & clean experience, this wine will appeal to fans of Sauvignon  Blanc. Pairs well with seafood.

Courting Miss Nelly

2016 Chambourcin. A nice oakiness makes this pair well with hearty dishes like casseroles.

HQ At Narrow Passage

Bourbon barrel-aged Chambourcin. Rich & complex with nicely balanced oak and a smooth finish.

Defenders of the Valley

2018 Seyval Blanc. Barrel-aged with a balanced creamy, butter finish.

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