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Our Wines


Discover some of Virginia's finest wines at Kindred Pointe! We grow several varietals on our estate, and we source other high quality grapes from the Charlottesville AVA to create award-winning wines that are sure to please your palate. Find your new favorite vintage at The Pointe!

White Wines

2014 Chardonnay

12.4% ABV; Monticello AVA

A dry, crisp chardonnay that has been barrel-fermented then aged on its fermentation lees. This vintage underwent partial malolactic fermentation, giving balance to its light oakiness and a touch of creaminess to its finish. The complex yet harmonious flavors make this chardonnay a crowd-pleaser!


2015 Chardonnay

13.5% ABV; Monticello AVA

This lightly oaked chardonnay has undergone partial malolactic fermentation to give it a balance of crisp acidity and fuller body. Anticipate lemons and pears on the nose and brioche, toast, apples, and pears on the palate. A dry wine that pairs nicely with roasted chicken, grilled pork, and creamy pastas.


2017 Run for the Rose

12.2% ABV; Monticello AVA

A medium-bodied, dry rose made primarily from cabernet sauvignon grapes. This wine's fresh berry notes make it an ideal pairing for goat cheese, salads, and wood-grilled hot dogs (really...we tried it!)


2017 Petit Manseng

15.6% ABV; Monticello AVA

Our "sunshine in a bottle" is a rich and balanced, well-rounded white. Pineapple, other tropical fruits, and citrus shine through with a nice acidity to balance the 0.5% residual sugar. This wine pairs nicely with lightly spicy foods, and it's a poolside favorite!


2016 Seyval Blanc


12.5% ABV; Shenandoah Valley AVA


An estate-grown French style seyval that has been aged for 9 months in American oak and undergone partial malolactic fermentation, this wine is reminiscent of a buttery chardonnay with an oaky, creamy finish while showcasing the seyval grape's natural acidity and minerality.



2017 Seyval Blanc


12.4% ABV; Shenandoah Valley AVA


These estate-grown grapes were aged in stainless steel, resulting in a bright, clean white featuring well-balanced acidity and minerality. This pairs nicely with rich seafood dishes and spicy cuisine.


2017 Oscar


12% ABV; Monticello AVA


This semi-sweet vidal blanc has ~2.5% residual sugar which gives just a pop of sweetness to make it a refreshing porch sipper. With complex flavors and a clean finish, you can enjoy this on its own or paired with spicy foods. We named our sweet wine after our sweet original winery dog Oscar, who is featured on the label!



Red Wines

2015 Chambourcin


12.5% ABV; Shenandoah Valley AVA

Estate-grown and aged in American oak, this vintage is complex and fruit forward with leather notes and an oaky, acidic finish. This is a great wine to pair with BBQ as the smokiness of the food blends well with the wine's oaky notes; try it with grilled meats and veggies!


2016 Chambourcin


12% ABV; Shenandoah Valley AVA

Our 2021 Virginia Governor's Cup Silver Medal winner! We aged these estate-grown grapes in new American oak for over 24 months, resulting in a "lively, fun" light red featuring well-integrated "wood notes of warming spices".


2015 Malbec


12% ABV; Monticello AVA

Lighter red and fruit forward, this is a great middle ground wine to please both red and white drinkers. A juicy, jammy, and slightly spicy delight that pairs beautifully with a tangy reuben sandwich.


2015 Petit Verdot

13.5% ABV; Monticello AVA

An intense & bold dry red that was aged 16 months in 25% new French oak. Look for violets, plums, and baking spices on the nose and a fruit forward, full-bodied experience on the palate. This wine's abundance of tannins make it well-suited to pair with juicy steaks and burgers as well as heartier vegetarian options such as black beans and lentils.


2013 Merlot


12.3% ABV; Monticello AVA


A classically styled merlot that was lightly oaked and features notes of cherry as well as creaminess on the finish from undergoing malolactic fermentation. This is an ideal dinner wine as it pairs well with red sauce pasta, red meats, beef stew, and rich chocolate mousse.



2014 Merlot


12.5% ABV; Monticello AVA


A non-traditional, fuller-bodied merlot with notes of leather, slate, and cherry. This wine may be enjoyed on its own or with dinner as its complexity will not overpower the flavors of the food. It also makes delicious mulled wine!



2015 Merlot


12% ABV; Monticello AVA


A classically styled merlot that was blended with 25% petit verdot, resulting in well-integrated tannins that give this wine a fuller body and more structure. Anticipate smoke on the nose and flavors of tobacco, dark cherry, and red currants.



2017 Picasso

12.7% ABV; Shenandoah Valley AVA


A balanced blend of estate-grown chambourcin and petit verdot, we aged this rich & complex wine 24 months in new American oak, resulting in a smokey, medium-bodied red with light floral notes. This is an owner favorite that was named for her American Paint Horse, Picasso, who still resides at the winery.



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