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About Kindred Pointe II

In 2021, owners Bruce and Amy decided to rennovate and open a new tasting room called Kindred Pointe II in Hume, Va near Front Royal. To rescue the former winery that had fallen into disrepair would take years of hard work and determination. But now the couple is delighted in how the new space has turned out and is excited to share their wines with a whole new group of wine lovers in Front Royal and Northern Virginia. But their wine journey began long before 2021...


Amy and Bruce Helsley purchased a 58-acre property in Mount Jackson in 2005, and within a year the couple opened Kindred Pointe Stables. The name Kindred Pointe comes from Amy’s love of the book Anne of Green Gables. The first structures, a storage barn and horse barn, were added to the property in 2007.
With Amy running the stable, Bruce decided to turn his attention to grapes. This was a good fit for Bruce, as he always had a natural green thumb. Merlot was the first crop to be planted in 2008. At this point, the thought of opening a winery was non-existent.
Due to the recession in 2010, the economy was no longer ideal for boarding horses. Amy, also a certified public accountant, realized that it was time for a change and that wine would be a good choice to make the business profitable. Bruce and Amy's thoughts turned to expanding the vineyard and opening a winery in 2011.
Amy took viticulture and enology courses at UC Davis and interned at Michael Shaps Wineworks in 2012 with plans of being the winemaker. During this time, Bruce and Amy decided to work with Michael Shaps Wineworks to make the initial wines to ensure quality, and the first vintage was from the 2012 harvest. The relationship with Michael Shaps proved fortuitous as the vineyard struggled with disease and brutal winters; the couple quickly learned that in order to leverage risk, they needed to lease vineyards outside of the local microclimate. Since then, varietals that are better-suited for the estate have been planted and Bruce has taken on the role of winemaker, with Amy's help to determine wine style and taste.
In 2012, Bruce along with high school friend Andy, the winery's first employee, began the transformation from barn to tasting room. After years of hard work preparing for the winery, the doors officially opened for business in October 2013. In 2014 Bruce became the exclusive winemaker. He also produces a variety of hard ciders on-site using locally grown apples, and his spicy Cherry Bomb cider brought home a Best of Show at The Indy International Wine Competition!
Since then, the storage barn has been converted into the barrel room and a large pavilion was added in 2016. In 2020, The Pavilion was converted to be the public tasting room while the stables is now the 21+ Tasting Room & Lounge with food options being served in a cozy, wine-centric atmosphere. Each year more wines are produced on-site.

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